Your Sedation Dentistry Options

Here at Glenmore Family Dental Care, we want to alleviate any anxiety you may feel about coming to the dentist – whether you feel anxious because you fear dentists, because you’ve had a previous dental experience that was painful, because you fear needles or because you have a low tolerance for pain. That’s why we offer the following types of sedation dentistry for Calgary and nearby patients:

  • Oral sedation – this type of sedation involves a pill you take before your appointment, as directed by our office. You will need a driver to and from your appointment if you choose this option.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation – completely safe for patients of all ages, this method is sometimes called “laughing gas” because it often brings on feelings of euphoria. You’ll inhale nitrous oxide through a mask and feel extremely relaxed during the treatment. This option has no after-effects, so you will be able to drive yourself home after nitrous oxide sedation.

Oral or Conscious Sedation Offers Many Benefits

At Glenmore Family Dental Care, we understand that there are many reasons patients avoid going to the dentist. This can range from a phobia of the dentist or a simple dislike of the noises, smells, or tastes associated with dental care. If you have difficulty getting numb or have a bad gag reflex, conscious sedation can also help you relax for your dental appointment. Oral sedation is also a great alternative to IV sedation for those who are uncomfortable with needles. Those with sensitive teeth, individuals embarrassed by the condition of their teeth, or anyone with complex dental problems may want to consider conscious sedation.

Facts About Conscious Sedation

First of all, conscious sedation works. It’s safe. Once sedated you will have no memory of your appointment and will sleep for 5 to 6 hours after taking the pill. Depending on the treatment, sedation can help get the job done in one visit instead of multiple ones. Furthermore, using conscious sedation reduces fatigue one may feel after an extended dental treatment that requires a longer than normal visits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Conscious Sedation

Will I feel any pain while under conscious sedation?

No. Additionally, you should not remember the appointment at all.

When sedated, am I unconscious? 

No. The procedure is named conscious sedation for a reason. You will be conscious, but just in a state of sedation to help you relax.

Does your office monitor those under conscious sedation?

Yes. Our team will keep tabs on your vital signs with our monitoring equipment. There will also always be a member of the dental team with you throughout the visit.

How long does the sedation last?

This all depends on the procedure and your needs, but on average you will be under sedation between 2 to 5 hours.

Should I have some accompany me?

Yes, you will need to bring a companion to your appointment if you will be under sedation. Conscious sedation has the same side effects as sleeping pills therefore you should not drive.

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